This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap

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File exe: Booldif.exe
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This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap. Compile vector of fault for existent circuit, forth about all boughs herself chauffeur. Results is absolute gauge. Program application enables four modes It is implemented in the C programming language for the operating system MS-DOS, or another compatible with it. The program is suitable for an interactive way to communicate with the user, allowing a comfortable working environment are similar to Turbo Vision.
*									     *
*                             Subor COLOR.C                                  *
*									     *
unsigned char atributy[]={
			  0x71,    //podklad                             0
			  0x70,    //horny riadok                        1
			  0x74,    //prve pismena v hornom riadku        2
			  0x30,    //bar v hornom riadku                 3
			  0x70,    //dolny riadok                        4
			  0x74,    //prve pismena v dolnom riadku        5
			  0x70,    //zvisle menu                         6
			  0x70,    //okraj zvisleho menu                 7
			  0x74,    //prve pismeno zvisleho menu          8
			  0x2f,    //bar zvisleho menu                   9
			  0x7f,    //okno pre citanie suboru             10
			  0x7f,    //okraj                               11
			  0x1f,    //riadok pre zadavanie mena           12
			  0x2f,    //pri zaciatku zadavania mena         13
			  0x19,    //spodny riadok s menom adresara      14
			  0x30,    //pre adresar                         15
			  0x2f,    //bar v adresary                      16
			  0x4f,    //chybove okno                        17
			  0x4f,    //okraj                               18
			  0x70,    //cas                                 19
			  0x30,    //help okno                           20
			  0x3f,    //okraj                               21
			  0x70,    //okno pre zadavanie poctu riadkov    22
			  0x70,    //okraj                               23
			  0x1f,    //text                                24
			  0x2f,    //na zaciatku zadavania textu         25
			  0x70,    //citanie mena suboru                 26
			  0x7f,    //okraj                               27
			  0x1f,    //text                                28
			  0x2f,    //na zaciatku zadavania textu         29
			  0x70,    //okno info                           30
			  0x7f,    //okraj                               31
			  0x1e,    //tabulka                             32
			  0x4f,    //kurzor v tabulke                    33
			  0x5f,    //zvyrazneny stlpec                   34
			  0x70,    //okno pre definiciu pripon           35
			  0x7f,    //okraj                               36
			  0x1f,    //text                                37
			  0x2f,    //na zaciatku textu                   38
			  0x70,    //okno pre petrick v automatickom     39
			  0x7f,    //okraj                               40
			  0x1f,    //ESC=stop                            41
			  0x1e,    //vysledkove okno                     42
			  0x1f,    //okraj                               43
			  0x1d,    //                                    44