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Author: Ľuboš Saloky
Program: 3dsearch.pas
File exe: 3dsearch.exe

Search library of 3D Studio. Detect bitmaps in 3D studio and detect impotent or not impotent bitmaps.

ascii.pngProgram: Ascii.pas
File exe: Ascii.exe
File ubuntu: Ascii

It displays 0-255 ASCII table. In the times of DOS programming it was unquestionably a very much used program.
Program store text background and after close program, restore it.

Program: Bioscopy.pasU_disket.pasA_rename.pasP_bios.pas
File exe: Bioscopy.exe
need: U_tokno.tpu

Program BIOSCOPY Version 3.1 for copying bad sectors from diskete with use BIOS rountine.

Program: Cedecko.pas
File exe: Cedecko.exe

Program for manipulate with CD-ROM. Get how much CD-ROM you have, letter of CD-ROM, run/stop audio playing.

Author: Jojko
Program: Cmos.pas
File exe: Cmos.exe

Program know read/write CMOS memory. After run this program read all CMOS and write to file CMOS.dat.

Author: Andrew DiE
Program: Code2.pas
File exe: Code2.exe

Program after press any key write char and ASCII code.

Program: Comp.pas
File exe: Comp.exe

This program view differences between two files. Names of the files are the parameters of program.

Author: Andrew DiE
Program: Cryptor.pas
File exe: Cryptor.exe

Program coding TXT file under 62.5kB with Ceasars methods. For more safetly program require number for coding/uncoding.

Author: Ján Benkovič
web: www.tbteacher.host.sk

Program: Cursorof.pas

Program switch off cursor.

dascii.pngProgram: Dascii.pas
File exe: Dascii.exe
need: Dascii.dat

An excellent program which enables you to design completely newcharacters in ASCII set. Your work results can be stored in Dascii.dat file and returned to whenever you need. One of its most interesting functions is that which can read the character from RAM memory (give it a look, some stuff from the source code can be found useful even today).

Pages: [actual]  [11-20]  [21-30]  [31-40]  [41-49]