This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap

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File exe: Booldif.exe
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This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap. Compile vector of fault for existent circuit, forth about all boughs herself chauffeur. Results is absolute gauge. Program application enables four modes It is implemented in the C programming language for the operating system MS-DOS, or another compatible with it. The program is suitable for an interactive way to communicate with the user, allowing a comfortable working environment are similar to Turbo Vision.
*									       *
*                             Subor GLOB.H                                     *
*									       *
# include <stdio.h>
# include <dos.h>
# include <dir.h>
# include <process.h>
#define TRUE 0
#define FALSE 1
#define NO_MEM 2
#define VIDEOSEGMENT 0xb800
#define MAX_CHYB 28
#define MENU	0
#define	FNC	1
#define OBR   0
#define SUB   1
#define TLC   2
#define AUTO   0
#define DEMO   1
#define VYUK   2
#define PREV   3
extern unsigned int _stlpcov;                 /*pocet stlpcov obrazovky*/
extern unsigned int _riadkov;                 /*pocet riadkov obrazovky*/
extern unsigned char atributy[];              /*atributy(farby)*/
extern unsigned int Pozicie;
extern unsigned int odpovede;
extern unsigned int dobre;
extern unsigned int zle;
extern unsigned char Video_mod;
extern char *Help[];
extern int Vystup;
extern int Rezim;
extern int Typ_aut;
extern int Tabulka;
extern char far *Text[];
extern int chyba_hard;
extern char *chyba[][MAX_CHYB];               /*smerniky na chybove okna*/
extern char Pripony[][4];
extern char *TmpSubor[];
extern char *TmpSuborb[];
extern char Meno_suboru[256];
# define ADRESAR	0
# define FCIA1		1
# define FCIA2		2
# define FCIA3		3
# define FCIA4		4
# define FCIA5		5
# define CISLO		6
# define SUBOR		7