This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap

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File exe: Booldif.exe
need: Adresar.cColor.cDerivac.cError.cFunkcie.cHelp.cKey.cLine_edi.cMain.cMenu.cObsluha.cOkno.cPrac_ndf.cSlovnik.cSlov_fon.cStatist.cUtil.cVideo.cVystupy.cAdresar.hColor.hDefine.hError.hFunkcie.hGlob.hKey.hLine_edi.hMbooldif.hMenu.hOkno.hSlov_fon.hUtil.hVideo.h
Example: Example.zipBin_10_o.ndfBin_10_o.ndfBin_1and.ndfBin_2rad.ndfBin_3rad.ndfBin_4rad.ndfHard.ndfI_reg_lo.ndfReg_jk.ndfScitac_s.ndfScp_1rad.ndfScp_2rad.ndfScp_2r_1.ndfScp_3rad.ndfScp_4r_2.ndfScp_6r_3.ndfScp_8r_4.ndfSc_1r_pj.ndfSc_1r_sj.ndfSc_1_aoi.ndfSc_2r_4.ndfSc_3r_6.ndfSc_7400n.ndfSc_aon.ndfSimp3_a.ndfSimp3_b.ndfSimp4_a.ndfSimp4_b.ndfSimp4_c.ndfSimp6_a.ndfTest_vod.ndfZle.ndf

This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap. Compile vector of fault for existent circuit, forth about all boughs herself chauffeur. Results is absolute gauge. Program application enables four modes It is implemented in the C programming language for the operating system MS-DOS, or another compatible with it. The program is suitable for an interactive way to communicate with the user, allowing a comfortable working environment are similar to Turbo Vision.
*								             *
*                                Subor MAIN.C                                *
*								             *
#include <dos.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "glob.h"
#include "glob.def"
#include "video.h"
#include "menu.h"
#include "slov_fon.h"
#include "mbooldif.h"
#include "funkcie.h"
#include "util.h"
struct HL_Menu hlavne_menu;
struct Menu podmenu[];
// tento riadok napis do :\BORLANDC\CRTL\CLIB\STKLEN.C
// unsigned _stklen=0xEEFF;
//                          pozdravujem fy Borland TRSEK
extern unsigned _stklen=0xEEFF;
// compiler nech je nastaveny na Unsigned chrakter
// MAIN tu to vsetko zacina                                               //
//                                                            30.10.1997  //
void main(void)
 clrscr();					// lahodky
 strcpy( temp,get_tmp_adr() );			// kde mame TMP adresar ???
 znuluj(&h_fnc,0); znuluj(&deriv_f,0);		// tu bude hlavna funkcia, a derivovana
 znuluj(&slovnik,0);				// tu bude slovnik poruch
 znuluj(&subst_NDF,0);				// tu budu substitucie
 del_tmp("*.tmp");     				// aby neboli ziadne tmp subory k citaniu
 strcpy( index, "  ");                          // aky index ma premenna, ak je substituovana
 volne_mem = coreleft();                        // tolko je pamete ked sa spustim
 pamet();                                       // ukaz ako si na tom z pametou