This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap

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This thesis contains program coding module for generation logics test by Boolean gap. Compile vector of fault for existent circuit, forth about all boughs herself chauffeur. Results is absolute gauge. Program application enables four modes It is implemented in the C programming language for the operating system MS-DOS, or another compatible with it. The program is suitable for an interactive way to communicate with the user, allowing a comfortable working environment are similar to Turbo Vision.
*								             *
*                                Subor UTIL.H                                *
*								             *
void pip( void );
void trc( void );
int prevod_na_velke( int k );
void info_okno( void );
char *str_delete( char *z_str, char aky_str );
char *strspoj( char s1[], char s2[] );
char *strtemp( char pom_r[], char od_ret[] );
char *get_tmp_adr( void );
void pamet( void );				// vypisuje na obr stav volnej pamete