Multiple-choice questions analysis

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Program: Mc_school.pas
File exe: Mc_school.exe
Example: Input.txtAnswer.txt

Multiple-choice questions analysis.
An inter-school mathematics competition in the form of multiple-choise questions, has been organised. The answer sheets for participants will be read by using on Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) system, and the options selected were converted into a text file.
Imagine you are a programmer. You are going to develop a computer program to read all raw text-based data and produce a detailed analysis report on the competition.
The analysis report should include:
  • Total number of participants, total number of paticipating schools and total number of participant(s) from each participanting school
  • Winners of individual awards and school awards
  • Question analysis, such as the percentage correct for each question

Are required to write a program to generate the analysis report. The coursework should:
  • Describe the required plain text data files, including the keys of the multiple-choise questions and their format
  • Define the competition regulations, such as individual awards and school awards
  • Display a clear analysis report