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Delphi & Pascal (česká wiki)
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greed.pngAuthor: Dávid Smejkal
Program: Greed.pas
File exe: Greed.exe
need: Egavga.objTrip.chr

Graphics games where you must find rocks. When you finish level dificult then continue hardest.

pascal_s.pngAuthor: Dávid Smejkal, Martin Sus
Program: Pascal_s.pas
File exe: Pascal_s.exe
need: Egavga.bgiLitt.chrSans.chr

Pascal-strike is a perfect game made in Pascal, that was designed for two players. Find a weapon and shoot your opponent. Shelter behind the boxes. Think quickly and be fast, then you will certainly win. Do not forget that before playing the game you can set the color of your soldier. Enjoy playing this game.

Pages: [actual]