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Author: PCRevue 4/96
Program: Readinp.pas
File exe: Readinp.exe

A good example how the manage the discrepancies in the Read() function in pascal. The program allowes to write the text up to 10 chars but not to continue on the next line.

Author: Roman Mik
Program: Redfox.pas
File exe: Redfox.exe

Upravena verzia www.trsek.com/cover/benkovic/find. Nahrada prikazu find pre operacny system DOS. Prehladava disk aby nasiel umiestnenie zadaneho suboru. Vysledok zapise do textoveho suboru. Obsahuje prepinace. Ak sa nezada ziaden prepinac zobrazi sa help programu.

Program: Rememobr.pas
File exe: Rememobr.exe
File ubuntu: Rememobr

The program first forgets the original screen at the point of a start. This is followed by writing out the text without a meaning. In the end it recreates the screen and returns it to the former state.

Program: Reset.pas
File exe: Reset.exe

Impossible to be used in Windows, it serves to perform the "soft reset of the PC" in DOS. You may like the length of the source code. Out of 9 lines, 4 are unnecessary.

Program: Rolovan.pas
File exe: Rolovan.exe
File ubuntu: Rolovan

It can roll any text in the text window up or down. Controlled by arrows.

Program: Secure.pas
File exe: Secure.exe

It just launches ARJ in a chosen file and packs it all under a previously defined password. It is able to restore, of course. The standard of the program user's interface lives up to the present requirements. Why did I use ARJ instead of ZIP? At the time of its writing, there were already the programs that could easily crack the password to get to the ZIP file. Up to this day there has been nothing above ARJ (probably because it is not used anymore).

Program: Serial_port.pas
File exe: Serial_port.exe

Program demostrate communication via parallel port.
Before execute this program please set parameters of serial port with DOS command MODE:
MODE COMm[:] [BAUD=b] [PARITY=p] [DATA=d] [STOP=s] [RETRY=r]
MODE COM1:9600,N,8,1,P

Program: Simf2.pas
File exe: Simf2.exe

As if it pressed F2 key. Nothing extraordinary. However, the interesting point about it is that it does it in the way which involves storing the information in the keyboard buffer. It also includes the functions which display the buffer condition. By the way, it can still be used as the buffer actually fills BIOS and not the operating system. I used routines as an automatic Log on user, which carried out all the necessary operations for me. However it couldn't take more than 32 keystrokes as this corresponds to the size of the buffer.

Author: Pavel Paták
web: www.webpark.cz/programar

Program: Sirena.pas
File exe: Sirena.exe

Měla by pištet, ale to vzhledem ke kvalite dněšních speakru...

Program: Smf.pas
File exe: Smf.exe
File ubuntu: Smf

Simply small font - changes the font of Epson printers.

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