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You find some needs, send me homework during mail. If it's easy try generator of homework.

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Program: C_cisla.pas
File exe: C_cisla.exe
File ubuntu: C_cisla

Write round number from a to b. Numbers a,b are inputs.

Author: Pheo
web: pascalsource.ic.cz

Program: Celsius_fahrenheit.pas
File exe: Celsius_fahrenheit.exe
File ubuntu: Celsius_fahrenheit

Prevodová tabuľka stupníc teploty C, F, K. Vykoná prevod medzi stupňom celzia, fahrenheit a kelvin.

Author: Fake man
Program: Cifsucet.pas
File exe: Cifsucet.exe

Program určí ciferný súčet n-čísel plus ešte niečo k tomu. Stačí si prečítať program.

Program: Cirkus.pas
File exe: Cirkus.exe
File ubuntu: Cirkus

Write elements from 10x10 matrix as following. At first write circuuit started at index at [1,1], next circuit at [2,2].

Program: Cis_stv.pas
File exe: Cis_stv.exe
File ubuntu: Cis_stv

Write number as sum of 4 quadrat number.

Author: Juraj Pupák
Program: Cislo2.pas
File exe: Cislo2.exe
File ubuntu: Cislo2

Arrange 3 numbers - descending.

Author: Juraj Pupák
Program: Cislo3.pas
File exe: Cislo3.exe
File ubuntu: Cislo3

Arrange 3 numbers - descending.

Program: Cispar.pas
File exe: Cispar.exe
File ubuntu: Cispar

It variously rounds a number. It writes its whole and decimal part separately.

Program: Cnaopak.pas
File exe: Cnaopak.exe
File ubuntu: Cnaopak

Turns the number from the left to the right. It uses mathematical operations instead of a transfer onto a string.

Author: Pheo
web: pascalsource.ic.cz

Program: Count_space.pas
File exe: Count_space.exe
File ubuntu: Count_space
need: K_pr4.txt

Program counting space in text file k_pr4.txt.

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